Our people are highly trained and skilled Pilates professionals. Between them, they have a butt load of experience across different methods and styles of movement. One thing they all have in common is a curiosity and willingness to learn.

Our teachers structure their classes in a way that reflects their own unique experience, their personality and expression of what Pilates means to them. All have a strong focus on skill development, encouraging self-efficacy, empowerment and having a good time.

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Cat Webb

energetic, INVIGORATING, caring

Empowering people to move easy and enjoy life.



Frankie Farley

purposeful, strong, supportive

Movement is everything: challenge, discipline, precision, ease, fluidity and joy.


Lori Campognolo


Exploring movement while having a laugh and showing she cares. 



Christina Traychevska

lively, vigorous, fresh

Here to prove that every body can be a Pilates body.