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Have a Good Time




A group reformer Pilates studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne. We believe Pilates is for every body.  Striving to create an inclusive, chilled out and conscious community where everyone will feel comfortable no matter what their age, level of fitness or experience. Empowering people to move easy and fearlessly through positivity and having a good time. Find out more here.

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Our classes are small with 10 people maximum, so we can give you the attention and focus necessary to gain real connection and skill development. Our range of class styles means you can choose how you'd like to move, sweat and feel. Check out more here. 

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total body pilates (Open)

Our signature open level class. A fluid, full body reformer workout; equal parts strength, mobility and flowing juicy movement. This is the class your body wants and needs; every thing can be modified to suit you.

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turbo pilates (Level 2)

Not your typical Pilates class! An intermediate-advanced, fast-paced and intense full body workout. Ideal for those who enjoy working hard, doing lots of planks and getting sweaty.

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Arms Abs Ass (Level 2)

This is where you build strength and muscle tone. A fluid and dynamic class ideal for Pilates lovers wanting to feel invigorated, confident and challenged.

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Stretch + Chill

A chilled out, slow paced class focused on increasing flexibility and better range of motion throughout the body while bringing balance and calm to the nervous system.

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Move with us

We teach people through evidence based movement practices that focus on motor skill development, encouraging self-efficacy, empowerment and fearless movement. We care about your mindset and mental wellbeing as much as your physical wellbeing. 

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Our people are highly trained and skilled Pilates professionals. Between them they have a butt load of experience across different methods and styles of movement. They're movement and life enthusiasts. Check out our teachers here.

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Contact Us


5/19-35 Gertrude Street

Fitzroy, Melbourne

VIC 3065

Between Brunswick and Nicholson Streets. Ground floor, second unit from the driveway.


0408 930 730




Getting there

Tram route 86 from Gertrude Street

One minute walk to route 96 tram stops on Nicholson Street

One minute walk to route 11 tram stops on Brunswick Street

8 minute walk to Parliament Station

5 minute walk to routes 109 and 12 on Victoria Parade

On street parking on Gertrude Street and neighbouring streets

There is on street bicycle parking within 100 meters of the studio on either side

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