Our classes are small with 10 people maximum, so we can give you the attention and focus necessary to gain real connection and skill development. Our range of class styles means you can choose how you'd like to move, sweat and feel. 

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Total Body Pilates (Open)

Our signature open level class that your body wants and needs. A flowing, full body Pilates workout on and off the reformer. Equal parts strength, mobility and flowing juicy movement. Every thing can be modified to suit you.

*Ideal for newbies

*Okay for those with pathologies, injuries and pre/post-natal clients.

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Abs Arms Ass (open)

An open level class for building strength and muscle tone. With flowing, dynamic moves and feel-good vibes you'll leave invigorated and challenged.

*Suitable for newbies

*Not suitable for injured or pre-natal clients

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Turbo Pilates (Level 2)

Not your typical Pilates class! A fast-paced and intense full body workout. Ideal for those who enjoy working hard, doing lots of planks and getting sweaty.

*Pre-requisites: 3 Total Body Pilates classes or other reformer practice

*Not suitable for injured or pre-natal clients

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Stretch & Chill (Open)

A chilled out, slow paced class working on increasing flexibility and better range of motion throughout the body while bringing balance and calm to the nervous system.

*Ideal as a complimentary class to any other type of physical activity.

*Suitable for newbies

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Teachers Only Club

A fun and inclusive Pilates teachers only class. This weekly class will explore different themes each week to deepen your learning and help you stay curious. 

Meet, chat and move with other Melbourne pilates teachers, learn some stuff and have a good time.

*Pre-approval before joining the class

*Industry pass or any of the regular class packs/passes to book